Resurgence of the Negro Moment

Resurgence of the Negro Moment

Defining 'CP Time'

As being Black in America, I have come to realize that in order to survive and prosper, daily Blacks of every gender and age as well as social-economic level have to live defensively.  At any moment in time being Black you will have that proverbial Negro moment; it is when through the eyes of others nothing else matters but your race.  Let me give you two contrasting national and local examples.  At a New York political fundraiser a Black cast member of the hit hip hop Broadway show “Hamilton” while in the unique position of sharing center stage with the Democratic front-runner and New York City mayor both of whom are White, he had his ‘moment’.  His counterparts were discussing ‘CP time’ or better known as “Colored People’s time” in the context of showing up late in political candidacy endorsement.  In a voice that sounded as though he was saying that I can’t believe this, the Black actor can be heard protesting the racial speak.

Watch as 2 prominent White people define CP Time

After waiting twelve years, I finally bought a new car. My car has something called Intellilink.  Its system has many features like navigation, back-up camera, satellite radio, wifi, and Bluetooth hands-free.  While out shopping which is my normal Saturday ritual and especially enjoying tooling around in my new car, I had my ‘moment’.  A police officer followed me into a shopping center parking lot, turned on his flashers and proceeded to engage me in a “so-called” routine traffic stop. Procedurally while I lowered my driver’s side window, the officer unexpectedly knocked on my passenger’s side window startling me seemingly purposely causing heightened alarm.  After the incident my Facebook post read as follows:

#DefiningBlackCommunity I just had my ‘Sandra Bland’ moment! [Whom I believe to be] a Dover, Delaware police officer stopped me suggesting that I was talking on my cell phone. He asked me, “Do you have a cell phone and were you talking on your phone?”  I said, “Yes and no.”   After conspicuously visually surveying the inside of my car the officer said, “I don’t see your phone out; you can go.”  Dover PD payed out an officer almost a quarter million dollars for kicking a Black kid in the head.  I was scared.  All is good as God was watching over me.  My new car has hands-free however, I’m so glad that I wasn’t on my phone at all.

Dover PD pays $230,000 Settlement

Just to recap while there are many people of color groups as for Blacks, Black people must #LiveDefensively and #SpeakTruthToPower as always #BlackLivesMatter!


an increase or revival after a period of little activity, popularity, or occurrence.